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Might and Delight is a small independent game studio formed in Stockholm 2010. Our goal is to create interesting experiences with a strong focus on well-crafted visual styles. We try to mold each project using a unique philosophy, choosing genres and settings that we are unfamilar with. Our inspirations are often rooted in history, art or other cultural expressions besides games.

The people at Might and Delight have very different backgrounds. Movies, art, indie games and big industry companies. This mixture is a vital part of Might and Delight. If you have any questions about the team or the company don’t hesitate to contact us!

Also, check out our open positions if you’re interested in working with us!

Our close partners and friends

Danviken Stereo – audio studio with a lot of experienced people from the world of drama, TV and games. Provided sound direction for Might and Delight.

Retro Family – small group of musicians based in Sweden with great skill in a variety of genres. They are the people behind the incredible Pid and Shelter soundtracks.

The Square – A website with the noble purpose of helping promote the growing local indie game movement. Run by game enthusiast and friend of the company Vic Bassey. Visit it for news updates, jobs etc!