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Game designer

We are looking to hire a Game Designer who wants to dig into the numbers behind our new game Book of Travels, and who can work on site, in our studio in Stockholm. Our economy, trade system and player progression (xp, crafting and skills) need to be handled by someone who can see the bigger picture and has a good understanding of what makes a good reward loop in RPGs.

Iteration, tuning and playtests are key in making our survival and exploration gameplay loop well balanced and rewarding. You’ll need to be comfortable with Excel sheets and data management.

Book of Travels is being Kickstarted right now so you can find all you need to know here: Book of Travels

Please contact andreas@mightanddelight.com.

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Shelter 3

The third game in the Shelter series lets you roam the savanna as an elephant in a herd. Development is well under way and release is scheduled in late 2020. Click here if you’d like to get occasional news from the dev team.





Studio & Ethos

Might and Delight is a small independent game studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2010, the studio has released over twenty projects including games, digital books and artwork, all of which have a highly crafted visual style and explore emotionally engaging themes such as motherhood, loss, freedom and solitude.

We take our inspiration from many sources including art, history, music and folklore. All of our games have a unique aesthetic and we work hard to craft digital experiences that are beautiful, immersive and emotionally provocative. 

The games we make at Might and Delight don’t fit neatly into genres, but what they have in common is the way they allow players to explore, speculate and reflect. Our workstyle is similarly reflective and we think that this results in games which aren’t just something a bit unexpected but that also have a lot of integrity. We enjoy connecting with people outside of the games industry and beside our own productions we engage in collaborations with art institutions, museums and libraries.


Our team consists of people from a wide range of backgrounds. Between us we’ve worked in everything from triple-a and indie games to animation, fine art, music, publishing and movies. We take an actively multidisciplinary approach to our games which is complemented by the variety of perspectives we each bring to the development process.



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