the blue flamingo
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Every now and then, pilots from all over the world join to challenge each other in a big competition. They take turns finishing a dangerous track filled with foes, hoping to dominate the score table.

Your team is making the final preparations. The band are setting up to perform. And your ship The Blue Flamingo stands ready and waiting in the hangar…

A handmade world

We have created the game world and its inhabitants entirely with handcrafted miniatures. This graphical style is the result of a collaboration between Might and Delight and a set designer/model maker.

A 32 feet long handcrafted model was made specially for the game, along with countless props and assets that were filmed and photographed. The green screened material was made in to sprites and combined with the background to mesh the visual image together.

All the effects, rocket flares and explosions were created using firecrackers and other pyrotechnics. Strings with magnets pulling cars, small lighted miniature trains and shiny animated cloth are all details in the process behind The Blue Flamingo world.

Invest VS Interest

Like every other Shmup, this is a game that challenges you to reach the highest possible score. This is made interesting by an economical system that allows you to invest your score in upgrades, which makes earning more score points easier.

On the other end, you are rewarded with interest on what is left of your score when you progress to the next level. You have to make a choice – to upgrade and try to regain the score, or rely on your skills to beat the increasingly difficult levels.

Use your greed wisely to beat your friends and climb up the score table.

You can pick it up on Steam.