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Based in Stockholm, Sweden

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18 November, 2014



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Every now and then, pilots from all over the world join to challenge each other in a big competition. They take turns finishing a dangerous track filled with foes, hoping to dominate the score table.

Your team is making the final preparations. The band are setting up to perform. And your ship - ”The Blue Flamingo” stands ready and waiting in the hangar...

Like every other Shmup, "The Blue Flamingo" is a game that challenges you to reach the highest possible score. This simple idea is made interesting by an economical system that allows players to invest their score in upgrades, making earning more score points easier. On the other end, the system rewards players who save their cash with an interest rate on their score, added for each completed level.

This relation plays with players greed forcing you to make a choice at the end of each level - Should I upgrade and try to regain the score, or rely on my skills to beat the increasingly difficult levels?

The game is a replay type game that makes up for its short length in dynamics and difficulty.


The game´s unusual graphical style is the result of a collaboration between Might and Delight and a set designer/model maker.

A 32 feet long handcrafted model was built specially for the game, along with countless props and assets that were filmed and photographed. The green screened material was made in to sprites and combined with the background to mesh the visual image together. All the effects, rocket flares and explosions were created using firecrackers and other pyrotechnics. Strings with magnets pulling cars, small lighted miniature trains and shiny animated cloth are all details in the process behind The Blue Flamingo world.


  • Intense levels with swiftly increasing difficulty
  • Invest vs Interest economic system
  • Unusual art style with handcrafted models
  • Replayability by competing for high score


Release Trailer YouTube

Making of part 1 YouTube

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About Might And Delight

Might and Delight was formed in early 2010. The core team has worked for various high profile titles such as Mirrors Edge, Battlefield, and Killzone, but most notably together on Capcoms Bionic Commando: Rearmed. At that time we discovered we had a knack for coming up with innovative and charming ideas which further evolved into a tight knit friendship and now company of our own.
The team has changed and grown since then, and now we are a brave mix of industry veterans and indie developers with a shared ambition to always prioritize playfulness and innovative ideas over established norms. Our single biggest and most important value is to always be thorough and theoretical in our approach to game-making. Rearmed has taught us how crucial it is to analyze and understand the context of what you are trying to create. It is this way of working that influences every aspect of our work pipeline and we hope it shines through in the games we create.

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The Blue Flamingo Credits

Anders Hellström
Artist, Art Director, Models, DOP

Håkan Frisk

Bastian Leonhardt Strube
3D Artist, Video Composite and Edit

Peter Stråhle
Technical Art, Additional Art

Victor Mourey
Level Designer

Joel Danielsson

Josef Tuulse
Audio Designer

Retro Family

Jokke Pettersson
Music, Guitar

Alfred Andersson
Music, Bass

Walle Wahlgren
Music, Drums

Jakob Tuchten
Art Supervisor

Anders Westin

Joakim Rolfart
Additional Art

Frida Hådén
Assistant Model Builder

Gergely Pálos
Additional DOP

Jens Berglind
Additional Programmer

Léo Bauchy

Caspar Danielsson

Viktor Dahlberg

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