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What do you actually remember from that night? The room was damp and filled with thick dark air. Didn’t you pass by it a minute ago? You were not supposed to be in there, that much was clear. The giant looked at you, and laughed. Do you remember? He wasn’t laughing later. When they arrived.

Later that evening the door was locked and there was no place to go. They apparently wanted you to wait. Their papers filled the floor. A familiar sight was standing in the middle of the room. A city, bright and filled with large clouds. You kept staring at it and eventually had no choice but to enter.

There it is again. That deep sound you have been hearing all evening. Possibly from outside. Over there is the room with sky in the ceiling. Was this door really open? You are downstairs now. You have never been here before, but the heat feels comforting somehow. They talk to you here, but you cant hear their voices because of the noise. He lifts you up with force, it almost hurts.

Why is everyone running?

In Child of Cooper you are reliving the memory of a child in a narrative that does not wait for your actions in order to move forward. Players step into the game much like a child entering a grown-up world. Nothing will be given to you at any point and even how to maneuver the game will be left for the player (the explorer) to discover.

In the teaser we also show a first glimpse of the projects art style. A surrealistic, almost threatening style that highlights certain objects that the child remembers clearly while others are impossible to make out. Making sense of what you see in Child of Cooper is a big part of the experience.

Underneath the diffuse fragments lies a setting and a story that might appear very different depending on how you engage the game. The material presented hold clues to the story and might give insight to what the game is portraying.

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