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A challenging adventure

Pid is our ‘nod’ to old platforming adventure games and its action packed challenges and mindtwisting puzzles ultimately test the players creative ability and platforming skills. You play as a school boy stranded on a bizarre planet where he uncovers a huge conspiracy that keeps the planet mesmerized and prevents him from ever reaching home.

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European Innovative Games award 2012
PSNstores Editors Choice Award 2012
Best soundtrack 2012


Might and Delight have successfully filled the world with wonder and mystery. If Roald Dahl had ever made a videogame, this would be it.
– Killscreen

If you’re looking for a game with a beautiful, unique art style, try Pid. if you’re looking for a fun platformer, try Pid. If you’re looking for a pretty hardcore puzzle game, try Pid.
– Gaming examiner

Pid is fantastic from top to bottom. It’s some of the most fun and rewarding gameplayer I’ve experienced in recent memory and one that I’ll be going back through numerous times in the future
– PSNstores