Work at Might and Delight

Might and Delight is a company that values creative thinking regardless of which discipline you work within.
The people we are looking to hire should have a theoretical mind-set, be uniquely skilled within their field, and be able to communicate their ideas and solutions with clarity and confidence.

We are mostly known for the Shelter stable of games. A series of experiences and that balance as unique aesthetic by tackling subjects of motherhood, loss, dependency, and companionship.
The games we create veer on the artistic, quirky and niche side with an ambition to always say something with each title we make.

Our team consists of people with diverse background and we consider it a big plus if your interests go beyond the boundaries of just games.

Unsure about applying? Just go for it!


Might and Delight are currently creating a new developer team to work on the Shelter brand. We are currently looking to fill either a senior combined 3D Artist/Level Builder position, or divided into two positions; a 3D Artist and a Level Builder.

Senior 3D Artist / Level Builder

What we are looking for
A senior artist who can carry the graphical side of the Shelter brand completely on her own. Someone who has experience of creating stylised low poly objects in a fast pace that can also mantle the role of tailoring a game world in Unity using environment assets.

Skills required
+ 3 years industry experience
Fast low poly modeling
Strong unity knowledge
Strong eye for visual composition
Experience with visual storytelling

+Experience with particles effects
+Tech art experience
+Experience with shaders
+Experience with creating animals

You will be the sole artist creating everything 3D for the Shelter brand. Everything from animals, terrain, world objects, foliage and effects. You will also work with building the world visuals both in a macro and micro perspective designing maps and levels with your assets. Developing visual pace/storytelling and making that mesh with game play functions is key. You will work closely with an Art Director and must be responsive to nuanced feedback but also be able to work independently.

Question to answer: Name a project that has good visual storytelling and outline the reasons.

Character Animation Intern

We are currently interested in recruiting an animation intern.
You would be animating 3D characters for our upcoming unannounced project, which is a new IP. As with our previous titles, we keep the project on the artistic and experimental side.
Send your application with a portfolio and/or showreel to