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Season Timelapse

July 2014

Hey Everyone!

It has been a long time since last we wrote out to you all! We come bearing good news, and (less) good news!

Builds and beauty

We have steadily been making builds and improving the game over time. Tuning, tweaking and refining every aspect as best we can as we move forward.

We have been able to integrate a load of new graphical tools which means that Shelter 2 will feature a full set of seasons! Seeing the world change in color, and the leaves disappear off of the trees really brings the experience to a whole new level! It also means that hunting changes and goes through phases depending on the season.

Development of Shelter 2 has really moved us into a direction where we are creating an authentic world and blend it with our own style to craft the experience we want you to enjoy!

Check out the screenshots as well as the ones from a few months back! Hopefully you'll agree that every aspect has improved! Just remember that all images are work in progress, and that things can change as we continue development!

The team

We have really increased in team size over the last few weeks. Because of the team we can expand the diversity of the world and add more to the experience.

Bugs and delay

All of this work is driving us forward at a strong pace, but a lot of problems are cropping up. With the large world and a lot of objects the optimization is really becoming something we need to work on. We are also focusing on making sure that all the features run smoothly and without hiccups. Pathfinding is sometimes problematic as animals sometimes forget to run away from you as you hunt them, or decide to just run towards you and get eaten.

Because of these issues we will not be releasing the game as planned in August, but we will be pushing it back further into Fall. While this this decision is disappointing we hope that you can see that it is beneficial for everyone, as the game will be much better for it. Your experience comes first and we really want you to love our game as much as we do.

Social media and interaction

We check the Steam Forums for all our games (Pid, Shelter, and Shelter 2) daily, and Twitter and Facebook as well! We love interacting with you! If you have any requests or ideas for us, just send them!

Also, if you haven't already: add Shelter 2 to your wishlist!

Bye for now

Thanks very much for reading our newsletter! Have a wonderful rest of August, and know that we will be working hard to bring you the best possible experience!


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